music therapy class in the Moody Music BuildingAuditions & Scholarships

To enroll in any music major, including music therapy, you must be admitted to the university and the School of Music. The School of Music requires an audition. Typically auditions are held January through March.

Please see the School of Music website for audition procedures, dates, and requirements; furthermore, you can check with the professor of your instrument regarding appropriate repertoire for your audition.

Students who audition by early March for admission are automatically considered for music scholarships. The School of Music has its own scholarship fund and makes awards according to performing or creative talent.

At this time, there are no specific scholarships for music therapy majors; however, potential music therapy students in voice and all instrumental areas are given equal consideration for scholarship assistance. Students are also eligible for university-wide scholarships.

See for more information.

Music Therapy Audition Requirements for Spring 2021 (Enrollment for Fall 2021)

Students majoring in music therapy must complete additional requirements related to musical and written skills specific to music therapy coursework.

Students who are interested should email Dr. Cevasco-Trotter at She will provide a specialized music therapy Box account for each student so that videos and written materials may be submitted. The deadline for submitting music therapy materials is March 1, 2021.

Please upload videos for the following three items into your Box folder by March 1, 2021:

  • Primary Instrument Requirement:
    • Perform an unaccompanied 3-5 minute solo selection for your primary instrument or voice that exhibits musical and technical difficulty appropriate to college music study. For singers, the piece should demonstrate thepotential understanding of the classical vocal style. This can be one of the pieces you submit for your School of Music
  • Singing Requirement:
    • Please sing Happy Birthday and one other song of choice (e.g., folk song, hymn, popular song).
  • Please provide the following information (in 3 minutes or less):
    • Introduce yourself
    • Why do you want to major in it?
    • What clinical population are you interested in serving?

Also upload the following items:

  • Application form for Music Therapy
  • Essay Requirement to be uploaded into Box:
    • Please include your CWID with your full name at the top of the page.
    • Please answer the following questions, in 1-2 pages:
      • What is music therapy?
      • Why are you interested in the University of Alabama?
      • What are your strengths?
      • What are your academic weakness and how do you address them?