First-semester freshmen will complete their advising as part of Bama Bound.

Current students

As the University begins advising periods, sign-up sheets will be made available either via email or hard copy on Dr. Cevasco-Trotter’s and Dr. Draper’s door. You need to sign up for an appointment and come prepared with the following items:

  • Make sure you have the curriculum checksheet which is appropriate for (a) your principal instrument and (b) the literature/history option you chose completed with the top and current courses filled out. Update your curriculum checksheet. In the blank space next to each course, write in the semester you completed that course (Ex: If you completed it in Fall of 2014, write F’14 in the blank). Notate completed courses in ink. Notate courses for which you have not yet taken the final exam in pencil.
  • Anticipated classes for the following semester.
  • On your schedule calendar, lock in all of the following courses you must take this term, as appropriate:
    • Music therapy courses
    • Required music courses, such as theory, music history, etc. (courses, not ensembles or applied lessons)
    • Ensemble
    • Piano class, if you are not taking applied piano and have not passed piano proficiency
    • Lessons – 2 HOURS
    • MUA 010 (Convocation), 5 semesters required.
    • Core Classes
  • Fill out a registration worksheet (available in the front office) with your current classes and anticipated classes for next semester BEFORE your advising appointment.
  • Your tentative degree plan filled out in DegreeWorks (planner section).
  • Remind Dr. Cevasco-Trotter and Dr. Draper to clear your pin before you leave the room.
  • Questions regarding core courses should be addressed with an A&S advisor in Clark Hall.
  • Equivalency/Transfer/Degree change students, ignore the below sequence, and see Dr. Cevasco-Trotter for a degree plan.