Transfer Students

Students at other higher education institutions who are interested in transferring to The University of Alabama as music therapy majors will first want to read about the profession and the UA music therapy curriculum.

Admission to the School of Music

It is very important that transfer students understand that all potential music majors at UA must pass an audition in their principal applied music area. Further along on this page, you will find guidance about which courses transfer, but no courses can be credited toward any bachelor of music (including music therapy) or bachelor of science in music education degree until an audition has been passed.

Transferring to The University of Alabama

Generic transfer considerations can be found in the UA Catalog. Additionally, for students in Alabama’s public colleges, the specific courses which transfer from your school can be found on the STARS website. When you use this website, please be patient and check all the recommended areas (your school plus The University of Alabama). You can only get accurate answers if you take the time to go through all the steps.

Transcript Evaluation

No one in the School of Music is authorized to decide which academic courses will transfer. Besides the information on the STARS site, you can obtain a transcript review by applying for admission to The University of Alabama as a music major.

Upon your acceptance by the University, the College of Arts and Sciences will issue a transcript review, stating what courses you have already taken would transfer toward a music therapy degree. This is your official statement of which courses have transferred. It is possible to appeal a course or two, but these statements are generally accurate, especially if you are transferring from another Alabama institution.

Transferring Music Credits

Under the Alabama General Studies agreement, the equivalent of about one year of music studies will be transferred for students admitted to the School of Music (i.e., passing their auditions). The music (Area V) guidelines are on the STARS website.

Other music credits, such as the second year of music theory or applied study, can only be awarded after examination by the UA School of Music faculty. A music appreciation course cannot be used toward the FA requirement. Two semesters of foreign language study complete the Area V allowable transfer hours.

When to Transfer

With this in mind, as a general rule of thumb, it is wiser to transfer into the music therapy program “earlier rather than later.” It usually takes three academic years to complete the music therapy coursework (and don’t forget there will be an additional six-month internship). Most freshman and sophomore music courses, including those in music therapy, are not structured to easily accommodate January transfers. Students who transfer after one year at another institution usually proceed with the curriculum in much the same way as those who entered as freshmen.

Students who transfer after two years at another institution generally require three academic years to complete UA requirements (plus the internship in music therapy). The number of music therapy courses, the necessary sequencing of these courses, and the possibility that music credits at the sophomore level may not transfer usually necessitates this three-year timeline. However, students in this position who transfer numerous general studies credits may find their semester course loads are lower than is typical for most music majors. Some students view this as a true advantage.